2020 ELECTION: Flagstaff and Arizona outcomes up to date all evening – Arizona Every day Solar.

But the vast majority of voters in the half-dozen locations the Daily Sun visited reported no problems voting. Some were first-time voters who were lured into the actual polls because they preferred the impersonal act of sending in or casting a ballot in the weeks leading up to November 3rd.

Cody Karstadt, 28, wore a red mask with the slogan "I vote for Trump" and arrived at the Flagstaff Mall punctually at 9 am. He said it was safer to vote in person.

"Based on everything that came through the mail, I thought you know I'll only go in on election day," he said. "It wasn't mistrust or anything. It gave me a little more time to research candidates who match my (values)."

NAU senior Emma Sautter, another first-time participant, also decided to vote for the “experience”, the civil ritual, on Tuesday. Her friend Gabriel Traver, also a senior, said he voted on a Dropbox two weeks ago as he grew up seeing family members voting early.

"I know there is a pandemic and everything, but I wanted to come," said Sautter. "It's fun to see democracy (in action)."

Another first-time voter, Bobby Campbell, 27, was at the Flagstaff Mall polling station within 10 minutes.

"It was unexpected that it was that easy," he said. "I thought I was in line for hours. I wanted to do it personally because I've never voted before. I'm just glad (the election) is here. I'm tired of all these weird text messages and all these hateful ones Ads. The ads are so ridiculous; I don't care who you choose. It's really nasty and nasty. "

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