400 prove for Vice President Pence in Flagstaff days earlier than contentious election – Arizona Day by day Solar

Despite the vice president’s praise of Gov. Ducey, it was clear not everyone felt the same.

In fact, two attendees were removed from the event just before the Pence spoke for what appeared to be their opposition to the Arizona governor.

While based off their regalia, the couple appeared to be fervent supporters of the president and they had no love for Ducey — and made that fact known. But soon after their booing, they were escorted out by event organizers and a Flagstaff police officer.

The Trump campaign has been extremely active in Arizona this election cycle, including making several stops in northern Arizona. In addition to the president himself, who spoke in Goodyear and Bullhead City this week and at Prescott in the week prior, there have also been visits by the president’s eldest son to Williams among other numerous smaller events.

The activity highlights just how concerned Republicans are that Arizona could flip to the Democrats.

According to the website 538, which tracks and analyzes polling data, Biden continues to be favored in Arizona, if only by about three points.

And Candidate Tiffany Shedd, who is hoping to unseat Rep. Tom O’Halleran, underscored the importance of Arizona in determining the race.

“The road to the White House, the road to keeping the Senate and the road to taking back the House runs through Arizona 1,” Shedd told the crowd.

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