Amid pandemic, beloved Flagstaff companies shut for good whereas others plan return – Arizona Day by day Solar

And El Capitan isn’t the only business to announce closures in recent weeks, either temporarily or for good.

The Farmers Market on Fourth Street also shuttered its doors earlier this month as did the Smash Burger on Milton.

Meanwhile people with the Orpheum Theater announced last week that they would be going mostly dormant for the winter with a comeback planned for next year.

Charles Smith, who owns the Orpheum, said he is proud that, in his view, the Orpheum has been the most active venue in the state and certainly in the city since COVID-19 has made large events impossible.

The venue has organized and hosted livestreams and small outdoor shows throughout the pandemic as a way to raise at least some money for themselves and the artists they work with.

They have also developed that virtual infrastructure, paired with the Orpheum itself, to still rent livestreamed events to other organizations. That is something likely to continue through the winter even as they are no longer producing their own shows.

But as other venues, and larger national industries like Hollywood, have turned to streaming, that avenue has become a less viable option, Smith said. Moreover, the onset of winter makes outdoor shows less appealing.

Just as with Gardner, Susan Walter, the Orpheum’s general manager, emphasized that going dormant is no easy call.

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