Animal Welfare: Animal-loving Flagstaff comes up large as soon as once more – Arizona Each day Solar

I’ll be coming to Flagstaff with my own two pups, Mojo and Maeby, and we can’t wait to meet everyone.”

HCH Pet Food Bank here to help

One of the most common reasons pet owners give up their companion is financial hardship. The HCH Pet Food Pantry, supported entirely through community donations, is designed to help struggling families keep beloved pets in their homes. If you’re experiencing financial hardship and cannot feed your animals, please call the shelter at 928-526-0742 for information about qualifying for assistance.

Working Cats Program

Feral or stray cats who can’t be adopted into traditional homes still need a protected or sheltered living arrangement. These cats are great candidates for the Working Cats Program which places cats in barns, flower shops, police stations, and other businesses looking for inexpensive, safe, and effective rodent control.

If you’d like more information about “hiring” a working cat, please call 928-526-0742.

TNR for stray, feral, or community cats

With the harsh winter weather coming, cats living on their own need your help. Many well-meaning citizens provide food stations and sources of clean water, which is needed and commended, but spaying or neutering and vaccinating these cats will help keep them healthy and keep their numbers down.

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