Arizona Excessive College's fellow soccer coaches, Flagstaff, urge spring – Arizona Day by day Solar.

Other areas of concern include the length of time players receive college attention, a possible shortage of officials, and concerns about multisporters having to choose between sports.

The football season and the rest of autumn will be postponed to September 10th due to the new start date for schools on August 17th. This could lead to another change to the football schedule if the AIA continues with an fall season.

A total of 13 schools in Arizona – 12 located on Native American reservations – have so far announced plans to cancel the fall sports season altogether, including soccer: Odyssey Institute, Ganado, Monument Valley, Window Rock, Alchesay, Hopi, Sanders Valley, Greyhills Academy , many farms, Shonto Prep, Rock Point, St. Michaels.

Many school districts in the state have made their own decisions, in line with the AIA's statements over the past few months that individual districts may judge their own situation. The letter said it could be better not to force districts to decide now whether a sport is safe not to take place. According to the letter, there are also concerns that students will move from districts that do not play to districts that are played in.

In a video released by the AIA on Thursday – the same day the letter was dated – Executive Director David Hines answered questions from AIA Media Director Seth Polansky, specifically leaving the door a little open to the idea of ​​putting football on another to postpone season.

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