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FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — As snow continues to fall in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, countless Arizonans are celebrating the much-needed change of scenery.

Phoenix resident Jasmine Scott had never seen snow before today in Flagstaff. “When I first got here, I was like…it’s super cold,” Scott said.

But that’s not a bad thing for Jasmine. So on her mother’s birthday weekend, both ladies decided to treat themselves.

“I was actually born in Wyoming in a blizzard,” says Jasmine’s mother, Chevon Martin. “So I was like, you know it’s my birthday, let’s just bring it on back to the snow.”

These new visitors have given Flagstaff businesses like ski and snowboard equipment store Ski Haus a much-needed boost.

“Big-time shop local vibes,” says Ski Hause owner Josh Bangle. “Local families that have been getting here forever, that are coming up and wanting to keep it local. It’s great. It’s everybody just rallying together to make sure we’re all still here for the future.”

Snow means different things for different people. For San Tan Valley resident Maria Cisneros, it means a “chance to cover up.” For Phoenix resident Audil Khan, it makes it so “it’s going to feel really good remembering this when it’s next July.”

But if you can’t make it up to Flagstaff this weekend, don’t worry. The snow will be sticking around.

“It’ll be here. You don’t have to panic and get up here right away,” says Flagstaff Public Works Streets Director Scott Overton. “It’s fun to see; it’s pretty. But I might advise people to for the next couple of days watch the TV cameras and pictures, and then get up here when you can a little more safely.”

But if you’re already celebrating the snow in Flagstaff, take advantage of it.

“I think this is a good present for my mom and all of us,” says Jasmine Scott. “And I’m excited that I’m on the news because I’ve never been on the news before.”

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