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“It has been hard for so many of us. I have lost family as young as 34 years old to coronavirus. It is very upsetting that we have a president who doesn’t care. We need Joe Biden in the White House; we need Kamala Harris in the White House; we need Mark Kelly in the senate; we need to turn all of our local races blue,” Benatar told supporters. “They believe in the science. In Arizona, our voices, our votes, are so important.”

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For many of those who showed up to the event, all of whom wore masks, the issue of COVID-19 was also top of mind.

That was the case for retired medical professional Joe Magee, who said he has been disturbed by the way the Trump administration has handled the pandemic.

Magee said throughout the crisis, he has volunteered to help medical providers in Tuba City and the severity of the crisis has been plain to see.

“I have definitely seen really sick people and, at the beginning of this, I was outraged at the misinformation that the president has [spread],” Magee said. “It’s very disturbing to see so many people dying and their families and their children dying and to have our president undervalue things like social distancing, the poor messaging he has given has destroyed the economy of this country. If we had good messaging, our economy would be doing much better.”

Magee said he considers himself a moderate and has voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates over the years, but this time, he felt the only choice was a vote against the current president. Magee added that even though he does not support all his policies, he would vote for former candidate Bernie Sanders rather than President Trump.

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