Buyer’s all the time proper? Not when maskless in Flagstaff – Arizona Day by day Solar

The same holds for the Juice Pub & Eatery. Owner Riant Northway said, flatly, “Everybody wears one, but nobody likes them. Myself included. But we do it.”

Some out-of-town visitors say they are annoyed with Flagstaff’s mask mandate, but comply anyway. James Medlin, of Bullhead City, near Kingman, was visiting with his family. Before heading into the Pita Pit for lunch, Medlin reached for a red mask from his jeans pocket. He wore it like a chin strap, not covering his nose.

“I don’t like it,” said Medlin, sporting a T-shirt bearing the inscription, “Don’t mess with my family, my firearms, my freedom” next to an eagle emblem. “They’ve done studies, you know, that shows that masks don’t help contain the virus. Really, it’s all useless. Where we live, in Bullhead City, and around Kingman, they lifted the mask order early. I think people are overacting.

“No mask is going to stop any virus. None of those masks are. Read up on it. I’m not trying to judge other people’s choices. They’re free to wear masks. I just don’t think it does anything.”

Lacy Konecky and Max Long, high-schoolers from Prescott visiting for the day, said there might be a generational divide when it comes to mask-wearing.

“It seems a lot better (in Flagstaff),” Konecky said. “There’s a lot more young people here, and I feel, in Prescott, there are more older people who don’t want to wear a mask.”

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