Cactus Cobras blow previous Flagstaff 45-6 at Cromer Stadium – Arizona Each day Solar

That score was particularly back-breaking for Flagstaff, which had forced a third and long from deep inside Cactus territory. But, as it seemed to happen the whole first half, as soon as Flagstaff had a glimmer of a groove the Cobras struck back.

About a minute and a half of game time later, Flagstaff suffered another three and out inside its own territory. The Cobras blocked the ensuing punt and got the scoop and score to force the running clock in the second half.

Flagstaff actually started the game with a solid opening drive, taking advantage of an early offsides penalty by Cactus.

The Eagles got as far as the Cactus 49-yard line before quarterback Morgan Bewley made a poor choice trying to escape the pass rush, resulting in a loss of yards, and then tossed an incompletion on the next play with the rush in his face.

Cactus needed just under two minutes to score on the ensuing drive as Galvan orchestrated a clean set of plays and capped it off with a 16-yard TD pass.

Flagstaff later had a pair of chances in Cactus territory to get on the board in the third quarter, but neither time scored. The Cactus defense, led by a strong front seven, consistently shut the Eagles down.

Eagles running back Luis Jaramillo was held to just 66 yards on 23 carries — his lowest yardage in a fully played game this season and second straight game under 100 rushing yards — as he struggled to find any running room.

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