Candidate Query # 1: What's the highest purpose you're operating for Flagstaff Metropolis Council? – Arizona Every day Solar.

I have experience in the important aspects of my job as a council member: land use planning, budgeting, creating and implementing guidelines, problem solving and, above all, listening. If I get the chance to serve our ward as a councilor, I'll get started right away.

Anthony Garcia

It's easy. I love flagstaff. As a third generation Flagstaff son, I appreciate the preservation of our cultural, ecological and ecological heritage. Finding the balance between our cherished past and the changing landscape of the present is an opportunity we can all help create to create a more resilient and sustainable foundation for our future generations.

My leadership includes the BPAC chairman, the sustainability ambassador and, for over a decade, representing the interests of the community in the town hall. I have given the people of Flagstaff a voice on a wide variety of issues involving equity, environmental sustainability, affordable housing, preservation of open spaces, and water conservation.

I will help develop a more holistic and balanced approach to future development. My goal is to align our community values ​​with the overall growth of Flagstaff. Through partnerships, communication and respect, we can work together to achieve a better future for everyone.

Jim McCarthy

Having served on Flagstaff City Council since 2016, I discover that there are many complex problems. I have the experience to understand the challenges. It's always good to bring new blood to the table, but it's just as important to have continuity. I am the only incumbent standing for re-election even though one of the other senior councilors could be elected our new mayor.

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