Candidate query #15: How will you assist Flagstaff grow to be carbon impartial? – Arizona Day by day Solar

I will help move the city towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 by following the guidance of the Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) Implementation Strategy, which was developed in accordance with the CAAP.

The Implementation Strategy aims to “(identify) a responsible City department for each strategy as well as a timeline for taking action.” It includes tracking metrics and a reporting strategy to gauge its effectiveness, seeks to incorporate feedback from community leaders, and relies on community outreach. City decisions should be made in accordance with this Strategy, provided that the subsequent metrics and reports show that the Strategy is working effectively.

This is also an opportunity to recognize the importance of non-vehicular modes of transportation in Flagstaff, and to continue to focus efforts on expanding bike lanes and trails for easy, safe and environmentally-friendly commuting.

I’d look for opportunities to collaborate with students of various grade levels, and the broader community, to build educational forums on what we have available to us in reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. Our future generations have a right to be a part of an honest conversation on responsibility of resources and how we sustain our livelihoods here in Flagstaff.

Additionally, I think it would help move things forward to have stakeholders of various sorts come together through a series of events in re-evaluating our Regional Plan, Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, city reports, and our city budget. COVID is having an impact on our tax revenue and this places a limitation on funding opportunities. We have a lot of smart, talented, and dedicated people working on this issue but we need broader support from our greater community if we’re going to realistically reach our goal.

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