Candidate query #7: How is Flagstaff doing with managing development? – Arizona Every day Solar

There should be measures in place to protect our environment and community during development. I support protocols that would limit construction waste and garbage, improve construction sanitation, and reduce sidewalk closures.

I moved to Flagstaff in 1993 for the small town feel, diverse community, and the abundance of open space. Since that time, our landscape has changed. Flagstaff’s population is predicted to hit nearly 100,000 by the year 2030. The Flagstaff Regional Plan is designed to be our roadmap for managed growth, as well as being proactive in our decisions for Flagstaff’s future. As a community, we have decided to grow up, not out, in hopes of protecting our open space, and ensuring we grow as a walkable community.

There is value in having a working document that guides our decisions and is reviewed every 10 years to evaluate policies and processes regarding surrounding growth. It is time to expand our communication between city officials and our constituents to ensure we build trust surrounding decisions being made that have an effect on our community.

Residents tell me that they want Flagstaff to stay the way it was – no growth. On the other hand, people want to bring new companies here to provide good-paying jobs, that is, growth. There is no strong consensus.

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