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Technology leaders say cloud-based computing is not just the future, it is there.

Coconino Community College has partnered with other colleges across Arizona to improve access to cloud computing education in schools. The Arizona Commerce Authority recently announced the initiative, supported by Amazon Web Services, Inc., with the goal of training and certifying 5,000 students in the state for entry-level cloud computing careers by June 2022.

"CCC is committed to the local community and the local workforce, and this initiative does both," said CCC Dean of Careers and Technical Education, Lisa Blank, adding that CCC will be ready to deliver the education in time for the spring semester.

Instead of individuals and companies buying expensive hardware to run computer systems, they are hiring third-party computing services at a much lower cost, according to Duane Marshall, a faculty member at CCC Computer Information Systems who will teach the AWS courses.

"They rent it out at the time used," Marshall said. "It's like timeshare for IT. The nice thing is that, from a business perspective, spending shifts from capital to a monthly rotation."

And of course, cloud-based computing services are scalable, Marshall added. For example, if a corporate website goes from 100 to 10,000 visits per day, cloud services can easily be scaled to handle the surge without the need to purchase additional hardware to scale from there.

According to Marshall, AWS programs in cloud computing education are to be integrated into CCC's IT certification programs.

According to Blank, cloud-based work can be done anywhere there is a reliable internet connection. Therefore, the certifications allow residents the opportunity to stay in their home communities and still earn a significant salary that could improve the quality of life of their families and their communities.

"It is our mission and important to us to find new ways to help members of our communities," said Blank.

According to Marshall, CCC is planning a first course in basics and architecture (building a system in the cloud) for the spring semester. Additional classes will be added to allow students to take the AWS certification exams.

"Success on the AWS exams means people can make an average of $ 90,000 to $ 100,000 a year, starting with," Marshall said. One of the biggest gaps in technology right now is in the cloud fundamentals and related education. FBN

By Larry Hendricks, FBN

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Larry Hendricks is the Senior Manager, Public Relations and Marketing at Coconino Community College.

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