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“They miss getting to do actual laboratories, so this is going to give us an opportunity where they can at least experience it visually when we do that. Right now, we talk about things in laboratories, but they can’t really see it as it’s going on because they’re not here,” Talasek said. “This will give me the capability of showing them what I’m looking at or what analysis I’m running.

“My students are always very curious and to have an opportunity to bring something new into the classroom, it just further excites them.”

Library furniture

This year marks Leah Claypool’s eighth as a librarian at DeMiguel Elementary School and her second as a Wishes for Teachers recipient. Last year, she spent the funds on a subscription-based (and rather expensive) reading program for students to determine their reading level and provide activities like comprehension and vocabulary quizzes at that level.

Alongside this program, to further encourage students to develop a love for reading, Claypool tracks the number of words students read and holds parties for those who reach a million words for older students and 100,000 words for the younger students.

“We make a big deal out of it,” she said.

This year, though, the physical layout of the library itself is in need.

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