Coconino Voices: Flagstaff Voters Ought to Determine the Destiny of Schultz Meadow – Arizona Each day Solar.

We are deeply disappointed that on September 29, Flagstaff City Council will hear Mayor Coral Evans' Future Agenda Item Request to discuss how staff are developing the urban Schultz Meadow package at the intersection of Highway 180 and Schultz Pass Road.

Mayor Evans and Councilor Jamie Whelan make it clear that a majority (four members) of the city council should decide the fate of the package, not the Flagstaff, by pushing that conversation forward at the end of their two terms in council voters; They apparently believe they know better than thousands of Flagstaff residents.

Mayor Evans and Councilor Whelan's insistence that the council have further discussion of the package after the council has removed it from scrutiny and before the public is allowed to vote goes against their often repeated flowery rhetoric about the importance of public comment .

They don't seem to understand, however, that the citizenship process enshrined in the Arizona Constitution is undoubtedly the purest form of democracy – much more so than having four of our seven city council members make a decision for us. It is the best public comment an elected official would ever want.

As the Daily Sun recently reported, over 4,500 registered voters in Flagstaff have signed the Save Schultz Meadow petition to put a question on the ballot asking voters to receive the package as free space. We met the minimum signature requirement required by law, but then the pandemic. Since public health and safety was our number one priority, we decided to stop collecting signatures.

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