Considerations about COVID-19 trigger cancellations at accommodations throughout Flagstaff – Arizona Each day Solar

Iniguez said she didn’t want to speak to any specific dollar amounts, but said the cancellations do add up to a lot of money that won’t be coming into the hotel.

The Days Inn already runs a fairly tight ship, Iniguez said, but the drop in revenue may change how the schedule works for labor and certainly mean longer days for her.

Iniguez said she thinks lot of those cancellations are Europeans, who are no longer permitted to enter the United States for the next 30 days following Wednesday’s order from the Trump administration.

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“Basically, the U.S. is closed,” Iniguez said.

But it’s not just foreign tourists who are no longer traveling; the widespread cancellation of sporting events has also had an impact. Case in point, a large group that annually stays at a hotel Iniguez manages in Mesa canceled after the baseball tournament they attend was shut down.

What’s especially tough is that March is generally a good month for them, Iniguez said, and one they build into their budget.

Iniguez said the month marks the beginning of Flagstaff’s tourist season, with most large Arizona schools and schools in surrounding states all going on spring break.

Still, Iniguez said she is confident they will find a way to manage, although that may mean dipping into savings.

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