Cuban man charged with homicide of Venezuelan lady at Flagstaff – i95.5 FM

A Cuban man has been charged with the
murder of Venezuelan Johandrys Espinoza.

Ms. Espinoza was found
dead at her Flagstaff, St. James home last Thursday night.

An autopsy says she was
strangled and was also 3 months pregnant.

The accused is to appear
in court today.

Ms. Espinoza was living
in Trinidad and Tobago after fleeing Margarita, Venezuela 3 years ago.

Neighbours who claimed
there was a domestic situation on the premises last Thursday night called
police to Flagstaff.

When officers got to
the scene they found Ms. Espinoza’s body.

Yesterday the police
got word from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to lay a charge
of murder against the Cuban national.

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