Distance studying battles proceed in Flagstaff; Affected mother and father search a authorized answer – Arizona Day by day Solar.

"If the numbers were low enough, the dispersion in the community was less, and we were in the hybrid realm of the state, it would have made sense to get a personal briefing so that they don't lag that far behind the rest of the state when they return to." Go to school. That puts our children at a great disadvantage, ”said Goodman.

Her older daughter Sarah, 17, continues to struggle through online courses as she works to earn the few graduation credits she needs to graduate from NPA this spring. But so far, Sarah said she had primarily self-taught and tried to stay motivated on a daily basis before burning out from too much screen time.

Student support

In addition to struggling to see value in her classes, Sarah said that this year she had experienced depression due to the changes in her education and the emotional back and forth as schools worked on their plans for the year iron out.

"Honestly, if I had known we wouldn't be returning at all this year, if I had known I'd taken my GED and started college in August. But I believed there was that chance, with my colleagues and being with my teachers. I don't think either of us wanted to give that up, "she said.

Although Sarah admitted that distance learning has brought some good changes, including more free time for her family, she said that this learning format did not meet the students' mental, emotional, physical, and social needs.

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