Downtown Flagstaff street-side parking might turn out to be street-side consuming – Arizona Each day Solar

On Aspen Avenue, from Leroux to San Francisco, the street would be reduced to just one lane. Barricades would separate the northern lane, which vehicles could still use, from the closed southern lane, Bostic said. Several alleyways could also be used as additional spaces for commercial use while also accommodating deliveries for businesses.

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South of the tracks, street-side parking spots on San Francisco could be used in a similar fashion. And Bostic said a section of Cottage Avenue where it meets with San Francisco could be reduced to one lane while keeping the ability for vehicles to enter the nearby parking lot.

“This is about being practical, certainly, but it’s also about survival,” Bostic said. “Rules are changing daily and so are individual feelings about safety. Meanwhile, businesses are struggling to stay open and jobs have been lost at record rates. This plan is about economic survival and public health.”

Bob Verderame, owner of the Il Rosso Pizzeria & Bar located just off Heritage Square, said he thought providing more outdoor space for customers was a no-brainer.

Like many restaurants downtown, Il Rosso isn’t allowing any indoor service and Verderame said that likely wouldn’t change if the city provides more outdoor space. But he said more outdoor seating would give customers and tourists the opportunity to pick up their food and eat it nearby, rather than at home or a hotel.

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