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I think we can all agree: 2020 has been a long, stressful year and a year we are ready to put in the books and move forward to 2021. It is both hard to believe how quickly this year has passed and, at the same time, how long this year has been.

For many, the thoughts of the approaching holiday season are both welcomed and met with some level of “I just can’t handle any more stress.” We all know the holidays can be filled with the joys of fun, food, family, friends and gifts. Yet, these same joys can also be stressors.

As everyone strives to do his and her part to decrease the spread of
viruses and illnesses, the idea of shopping for gifts for loved ones can be very difficult. Gift purchases online can be an easy alternative to in-store shopping, but these gifts often lack the personal touch and require hours in front of a computer and tracking packages.

But there is a simpler idea: gift cards (and especially a gift card for a massage at a local Massage Envy).

Gift cards are more popular than ever and may be the best gift for almost everyone on your gift-giving list. A recent article in Money magazine highlighted an online survey that showed while most gifts received only
have a 25% approval rating by the receivers, gift cards have at least double the approval rating. Additionally, more than half of people put gift cards at the top of their holiday wish lists this year. This means the odds are good that when giving gift cards, you will be giving a gift that is truly appreciated.

Here are a few more reasons to purchase gift cards:

Gift cards can be purchased from home. Many gift cards, such as Massage Envy gift cards, can be purchased online and sent to the recipient via email.

Gift cards are environmentally friendly. Save the environment from all of the wrapping paper, boxes, packaging and more by buying gift cards that can be reloaded or recycled, or sent via email.

Gift cards save time, money, energy and your back. Less to wrap means less time and money spent purchasing gift wrapping and supplies – and less strain on your back.

Gift cards can offer a chance for a personalized note. Personalize the gift by hand writing a note in a card and including the gift card.

Gift cards can be individualized. Do you know someone who loves to get a massage? Give them a gift card that allows them to choose when, where and what kind of massage they want.

Gift cards can be used at multiple places. Unless you are giving a card from a one-place shop, most gift cards can be used at other locations.

Top 10 Reasons to Give a Massage Envy Gift Card:

The gift card reduces stress for the giver and the recipient.

It gives the receiver permission to relax and focus on himself/herself for an hour or so.

It can be scheduled when convenient for the recipient.

It can be a transformative experience – pain is relieved, thoughts are pondered or put aside, relaxation is embraced, a sense of well-being is encouraged.

A massage promotes health and well-being for everyone.

It is an appropriate gift for almost all types of relationships.

It saves time, energy and money and is good for the environment, as it requires less driving and wrapping paper.

A massage warms up the body and tight muscles during the cold winter months and eases aches and pains after snow and ice removal.

It is a great and lasting value; the gift that keeps giving!

It can be personalized and enhanced. FBN

By Mark Love

Massage Envy knows it is the most wonderful time of the year to give and wants to make sure that giving the gift of health and relaxation benefits both the gift-giver and the gift-receiver. From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, the following BOGO promotion is available for members and guests: Purchase one non-member rate 60-minute massage, facial or stretch service voucher and receive a free 60-minute massage, facial or stretch voucher.


Mark Love is the franchisee of Massage Envy Spa Flagstaff, located at 1235 S. Plaza Way in the University Plaza Shopping Center next to Safeway.

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