Editor's Letter: Outsider Might Be Regarding Flagstaff Housing Points and Issues – Arizona Every day Solar.

Great experience with the friendly people in Flagstaff after we encountered a plastic trash can on Interstate 40. While we waited for the car to be repaired, we met helpful people in the repair shop, hotel, bus, and downtown stores. I also found a copy of the Daily Sun at our hotel and was glad that important issues such as affordable housing were discussed. ("We Need Some Hard Talking About Affordable Housing," by Rick Lopez and Tad Moore, Ariz. Daily Sun, March 26, 2021).

Affordable housing is a national issue that definitely needs local input. There are currently bills in Congress in Congress to increase affordable housing, increase funding for the Section 8 Housing Voucher program, which currently only serves 25% of qualified individuals, and a refundable tenant tax credit that would stop paying low-income tenants 50% and more of their income for housing. The latest pandemic aid law included funds for tenants and landlords as well as an eviction moratorium. This is a good place to start, but America's housing crisis requires more than temporary fixes. So ask your members of Congress and local leaders to take action. Together we can solve America's housing challenge for all.

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