ELECTION 2020, Day 2: Flagstaff and Arizona outcomes, updating all through the day – Arizona Each day Solar

“I was blown away by that, shocked and excited,” Daggett said. “My volunteers and I were just working as hard as we could right up until the end. […] I’m so grateful that Flagstaff is going to give me this opportunity.”

The remaining two seats are still up in the air.

Councilmember Jim McCarthy, the only candidate running for reelection, was in the running, as was Miranda Sweet and Anthony Garcia.

Sweet, who owns and operates the downtown shop Rainbow’s End, had 17% of the vote, as did McCarthy. Meanwhile, Garcia, who grew up in Flagstaff and chairs the city’s Beautification Commission, received 16.9% of the vote as of 10 p.m.

As results continued to pour in, Sweet, McCarthy and Garcia were all within only a few dozen votes of each other.

That left Eric Nolan, who currently sits on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, with just 14% of the vote and professional trail runner Eric Senseman with 11% of the vote.


One thing that is clear is the 2020 election will rival the past record-breaking years for participation.

Even before Election Day, the county had seen 58.7% of registered voters cast more than 53,200 ballots. That number of early ballots alone comes close to meeting the total number of ballots cast in 2016.

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