Exploring the New Regular with COVID-19 within the Flagstaff Space – Arizona Day by day Solar.

Signs welcome customers back to businesses in downtown Flagstaff on Wednesday after some business restrictions were lifted by Governor Doug Ducey.

Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun.

Especially for the daily sun

A few months ago, an estimated one million people gathered in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan, braving the cold weather and sharing the excitement as the New Year celebrations drew near. As people from all over the world greeted January 1, 2020, many exchanged close hugs and enthusiastic kisses as a reminder of the new decade.

When summer comes, this latest reality will reflect a distant dream. Everything changed dramatically as COVID-19 spread around the world, including the way people interact, work, and live.

As doctors and epidemiologists fight the pandemic, social scientists study its personal consequences. Although the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 brought a tremendous change, these developments could be indefinite or temporary, changing any normality or eventually bringing it back.

According to a survey by WROC-TV and Emerson College, 46.3% of people in New York state expect life to return to normal, while the other 53.7% said it will never be the same. In reality, some aspects may change while others remain similar.

Warren Lucas, a sociology professor at NAU since the 1970s, said life was getting a little more regular again. That prediction depends on the containment of COVID-19, which could help restore ancient behaviors.

"If the disease is controlled, I believe people will return to their normal routines and interactions," Warren said. "It's going to be a slip on the radar and such for many to be forgotten."

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