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Students answer questions Thursday afternoon during the Flagstaff Water Festival at Foxglenn Park in 2017. 

For its efforts developing and running an “exemplary” water conservation program, the city of Flagstaff was named to the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s leaderboard last week.

The city of Flagstaff Water Services Division is the first and only Arizona water utility on the leaderboard.

“The AWWA standards provide us with an honest assessment of where we stand on performance and the opportunity to gauge our work and outcomes against industry benchmarks. Being named to the leaderboard is an honor and a reflection of our water conservation priorities and values,” said Water Resources Manager Erin Young.

The designation is based on 10 critical elements of an effective water conservation program including dedicated staff, conservation and integrated resources planning, public information and education, use of waste water, landscape efficiency program and water loss control program.

For those and other elements, Flagstaff was awarded gold status by the American Water Works Association.

Pursuit of this recognition is a component of the Water Conservation Program’s Strategic Plan, which will be presented in its final form to the City Council this fall.

The plan supports the previous goal of the Flagstaff City Council to become a national leader in water conservation.

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