Flagstaff Arts Council presents ‘Parched: The Artwork of Water within the Southwest’ by way of starting of subsequent 12 months – Arizona Every day Solar

And, like any art on display in Parched, the installation is open to interpretation by visitors. Fellow artist Delisa Myles followed her own vision to incorporate it into her multimedia performance art piece, “Saurian Memory.”

“In the new beginning Earth is a perfect white sphere, a planet of mute ash, or was it snow? Or perhaps radioactive fallout?” Myles described in her artist statement. “We can’t know for certain, there were no witnesses.”

A looping film projected on the wall adjacent to Skabelund’s installation shows Myles rising from the cattail down before moving on to more otherworldly locations like Butte Creek in the artist’s residence city of Prescott and an animal stock water tank outside of Flagstaff. Filmwork by Amanda Kapp, along with costuming by Anastazia Louise and music by Sound after Silence, conveys an apocalyptic feel.

During the pre-exhibit boot camp, one thing that stood out to Myles was a presentation which showed how some rivers appeared a century ago compared to now.

“It’s just maybe a tenth of what it was then. You think in 100 years how quickly that changed and how, with global warming it’s just exponential change, and [wonder], ‘Are we going to have any rivers left, any free flowing water,’” Myles said. “It just feels like that’s the direction it’s heading in this area, the aquifers being depleted and people not really paying much attention to it, going blindly ahead, building new homes—thousands of new homes here in Prescott. Where’s the water going to come from?”

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