Flagstaff Bone & Joint sees extra accidents from COVID-19 outside recreation – Arizona Every day Solar

FBJ’s Dr. Darius Moezzi said many of the injuries seen from this increased outdoor recreation are overuse injuries, which make up about half of the urgent, same-day appointments at the orthopedic practice.

“We’ve always continued to see these injuries and we’ve probably seen even more of these injuries. Looking back, I’ve seen a few more mountain biking injuries this time compared to last year, for sure, and more overuse running injuries,” said Moezzi, who specializes in shoulder and knee conditions. “It’s a big running community here in Flagstaff with lots of endurance athletes and trail runners, and you see a fair amount of knee pain.”

Some recent patients have also arrived with injuries from their time using new home gyms built because of a discomfort with returning to their public gym.

Moezzi added that this year’s dry monsoon season could also be partially responsible for more outdoor recreation in Flagstaff.

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“Seasonally, I’ve seen more of these activities, more injuries, more people out running, more people changing how they work out, transitioning to a home gym, doing more camping, doing more outdoor activities, and I think our weather, which has been unseasonably warm, has contributed to that,” Moezzi said.

Increased injuries are just one of the factors leading to increased patient volume at FBJ, though.

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