Flagstaff Climate – April 7, 2021 | Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Climate Forecast | – Northern Arizona Right this moment

We may have to say goodbye to the beautiful snow we love to see here in Flagstaff, as student forecaster Quannah Arnold says, a red flag warning is expected to hit northern Arizona after it takes off in the southern part of the state. The recent low to no rainfall trend is expected to continue as we approach the weekend and even next week.

Lake Havasu is expected to reach temperatures close to 100 degrees tomorrow, which is perfect for the "brook season" we've heard so much about. With higher temperatures, the need to stay hydrated and possibly even to break out of sunscreen increases.

You should watch out for things like heat stroke and heat-related illness as we don't expect temperatures to rise until the summer season. This trend is likely to continue throughout the rest of the fire season.

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