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Matthew Spoelman, 17, who has ADHD, said his grades have plummeted this year because it is difficult to focus and keep up with school work from home.

“I would do basically anything to get back into school because this is our future. If we don’t get good grades in high school then we can’t go to college and then we can’t have a future,” he said. “This is putting us so far back.”

Even though they are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccines themselves and are frequently around other people at their after-school jobs, the group said they would be comfortable with returning to school at this point in the pandemic, though they did express some concerns about the current community vaccination process.

“Essential workers can’t even get a vaccine but teachers who aren’t in person can. I find that pretty unfair,” said Will Colebank, 17, who works at a local grocery store and said he is fed up with remote learning. “I want to drop out. It’s that bad. It’s terrible. If I wasn’t relying on having a college education in my future, then I would totally be done with this.”

The targeted phased return to school approved by the FUSD Governing Board Tuesday would allow families to choose between in-person and remote learning, with the first students returning the week of March 22. Preschool, kindergarten, first, second, third, sixth, ninth and 12th grades, plus students in specialized programs, would return that week, with the remaining groups returning the following week.

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