Flagstaff excessive schoolers maintain ‘Reverse Ditch Day’ – Arizona Each day Solar

“This is really tough,” he said, glancing down at his iPad.

Younger students also joined in Reverse Ditch Day, eager to prove that they, too, are ready for a return to campus.

“We’re just trying to make a point that we’re responsible enough to come to school and follow all the restrictions so we can get a better education,” said junior Avery Rhoton. “I think that online school at home is really hard for a lot of families.”

Avery joined her cousin Livia Rhoton and friend Cierra Derr, also juniors, in attending class from their car in the CHS parking lot Monday. They arrived at 7:50 a.m., just in time for first period, and planned to stay all day.

Since the school year began online last month, Avery has not only attended her classes virtually, but she has also helped her younger siblings with their schoolwork when their parents are not home. She said it was nice to be spending a school day at school instead of in her bedroom.

For Livia, attending school remotely has been a struggle because she said the internet can be unreliable at her family’s home off Townsend-Winona Road, sometimes causing her to miss parts of her classes. She also explained her family is in the process of selling the house, which creates some scheduling conflicts.

“We’ll have people come look at our house so then we have to go over to someone else’s house. It’s such a pain. We can’t do school at home,” Livia said.

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