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FLAGSTAFF – The outside southbound lane on Fourth Street will remain closed across the new Fourth Street bridge until the completion of the planned widening of Fourth Street from Soliere Avenue to Sparrow Avenue.

This widening will begin in late winter/early spring of 2021. This project will include:

New traffic signals at the Soliere Avenue intersection with accessible pedestrian signals (tactile and audio feedback).
New fourth “leg” of intersection coordinated with the upcoming private development project on west side of Fourth Street: Tiny Homes Village.
Extension of the concrete Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS) trail on the west side and new sidewalk on the east side of Fourth Street.
A complete street cross-section, including two travel lanes, right and left-turn lanes, bike lanes, curb, gutter, and parkways.
Upgraded waterline across length of project.
New bus shelter pad at Sparrow Avenue.

Upon completion of the Fourth Street reconstruction project, two travel lanes in each direction will be complete from south of Sparrow Avenue, north to the Cedar Avenue/Lockett Road intersection. For questions, please contact Jeremy DeGeyter at

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