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Flagstaff is a popular city for cyclists and pedestrians.

Nancy Wiechec, with permission

Sun Staff Reporter

Flagstaff pedestrians and cyclists may see better sidewalk coverage, improved bike lanes, and safer travel routes in the near future.

On Tuesday, Flagstaff City Council was notified of a plan to promote walking and cycling in the city known as the Active Transportation Master Plan.

Councilor Adam Shimoni, who considers himself a member the Flagstaff cycling community said it was time to take action.

If approved, the plan will provide the necessary framework for future projects and the maintenance of the city's active transport infrastructure. The aim is also to promote walking and cycling as sustainable alternatives to motor vehicles.

City planners are driving the idea forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has influenced alternative means of travel nationwide. Orders that stay at home have sparked increased interest in outdoor recreation such as cycling.

Multimodal transport planner from Flagstaff Martin Ince sHelp, he sees this trend continue beyond the pandemic. This, coupled with Flagstaff's population growth, requires "honest, thoughtful, and sometimes difficult" discussions about the future of the city's transportation systems.

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