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Planet Fitness is located in the Flagstaff Mall.

Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun.

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Before that year, the gyms were often full of people sweating, grunting, and gasping back to back and side by side as they did their weekly workouts. Now that closeness and sharing breath are taboo, Flagstaff gyms are finding ways to navigate business during a difficult time.

Jason Henrie, owner of Flagstaff Climbing Company, said her gym had closed twice because of the pandemic. During the initial shutdown, Henrie said many members continued their membership through the center's shutdown to help them stay financially stable. During the second degree, they were less fortunate and saw a decrease in commitments, which was a great financial achievement. Henrie said they found ways to generate income such as moving all summer camp activities outside and taking advantage of retail outlets.

Henrie said when someone comes for his two-hour reservations they have their temperature checked, he washes his hands before and after climbing, wears his mask at the center all the time, and practices social distancing. There are also a limited number of climbers who brush throughout the day. He said they kept their large garage doors open for air filtration during the summer and fall and are currently working on upgrading their indoor filtration systems when winter comes.

"We take the protocols very seriously and people have been very happy with what we're doing. I think people shouldn't be afraid to try. What we do works really well," said Henrie. "We all try to to overcome this as we are highlighted as one of the most dangerous places, but I don't think it actually is. "When I walk around with people in downtown restaurants everywhere with closed doors and poor air movement in restaurants without a mask eat, I just ask myself: "Why are we singled out here?" We try to do the best we can so that people feel good. "

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