Flagstaff Historical past: A name was launched to make sure the Grand Canyon Nationwide Park stays open – Arizona Every day Solar.

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125 years ago

1896: By February 1, 1896 at 10 a.m., the Coconino County Supervisory Authority will receive offers for services for the County, including: publication, advertising, printing and stationery, burial of the poor, ballot papers, medication and medical care for the sick in need. The board reserves the right to reject all bids.

Summer or winter, the Santa Fe Railroad is the most convenient way to travel between the west and east coasts.

D. H. Riodan was appointed head of the reform school.

The Presbyterian Church regularly hosts morning and evening services on this Sabbath, preached by Rev. T. C. Moffett.

Christmas items are still on display in D. J. Brannans' drugstore. Come by and check out the great values.

The literary forum will meet on Friday evening in the Presbyterian Church. An excellent program and debate on travel versus reading will be featured. The public is invited to take part.

100 years ago

1921: There's a lot to do in Flagstaff in the New Year. The Boosters Club branch of the Chamber of Commerce called for a revitalization of the Chamber of Commerce held last Saturday at Citizens' Bank to get things going again in Flagstaff. Particularly forward-looking efforts include the construction of the Grand Canyon Road and the damming of the Switzer Canyon to form a lake, which will allow tourists and numerous smaller projects to camp better.

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