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50 years ago

1971: The old junior high school that has been “home” to students since 1923 is seeing its walls tumbling down. This long time Flagstaff landmark has been termed structurally unsafe and is being razed at a cost of $33,495. The bricks and other salvageable materials are being sold to contractors. The 1922 vintage lockers remain in the building, newer ones have been moved to other schools.

Cold snap lingers in Flagstaff. For the first week of the new year, the temperature has only been above freezing only 10 hours. The cold weather has tested six records on different days. Temperatures in Flagstaff last night hit a low of -5 degrees in Flagstaff. Even in typically warmer cities in the state, the temperatures hit new record lows, freezing water pipes in Sedona.

25 years ago

1996: The Doney Park Fire District might sue the City of Flagstaff over the proposed sale of 2.58 acres of Koch Field. The sale is to the Doney Park Fire Department for $5,000 in an agreement reached last month. Council, having tabled the motion on Dec. 19, voted to change its mind at a meeting the Friday afternoon of Jan. 5 and failed to sign the negotiated agreement.

Warmth fools Mother Nature. It is too much like spring to be winter — in January. Even the downtown aspens have started to bud. The National Weather Service reports the last time it was this dry in Flagstaff was 35 years ago.

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