Flagstaff Historical past: Evening prowlers disturbed campgrounds, resulting in cries for policing – Arizona Every day Solar

125 years ago

1895: It is reported that the White Mountain Apaches are getting restless of prospectors trying to get in on the reservation. It is said they have recently run several parties off their reservation.

B. J. Bevans left Sunday for Winslow where he will lay brick in the new roundhouse.

W D. Payor of the SUN force is taking a vacation and will spend a few days in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Catalina Island.

T. J. Coalter, Hohn Vories and D. Powell left Tuesday for a few days duck hunting at Marshall Lake.

E. J. Simpson has been as Justice of the Peace of Williams precinct. That precinct now has two Justice of the Peace.

Fred Heiling, the supervision architect of the Reform School was in town this week. He inspected the stonework and pronounced it good.

100 years ago

1920: Almost everyone is back from the Snake Dances. There are few tales of grief, for the roads were fine, the weather was splendid, the dance was grand, the Indians congenial and all the other guests were welcomed. There were a record number of 3,500 spectators. Everyone was happy.

The four big French 75s for Flagstaff Battery A arrived on Monday and were unloaded along with a lot of other equipment. One of the 75s was placed on public view Tuesday in the square next to the post office.

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