Flagstaff Historical past: Group of ecologists met to debate analysis on Colorado Plateau – Arizona Every day Solar

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During the war he was senior engineer with the 12th Army Engineers, who you will recall the stories about how they threw away their rifles after their ammunition was gone and attacked their German foes with their trench digging shovels and picks. He was on the front lines and in the trenches for over 18 months.

Billy Beason is about the busiest man in Coconino County right now. When he isn’t working on his ranch, he is scouring the county for exhibits for the State Fair next month.

The man who isn’t going hunting for deer or turkey these past few days is in the minority but very few have been successful. There has been plenty of shooting at squirrels, tin cans or anything else that offers a target other than deer, which seem to be scarce.

Father C. Vabre has made several more articles of utility and or ornament out of cactus. One is another reading lamp over 5 feet high. The base is a pine gnarl, the standard trunk of a big cactus arm, the shade is made with sections of the cactus.

50 years ago

1970: Sunday was “Go to the Mountains Day” as hundreds of cars, trucks motor homes and trailers jammed Hart Prairie Road, and Fort Valley Road, and pulled off to the side to give the camera buffs just the perfect shot of the brilliant foliage display.

Sixteen ecologists met in Flagstaff last week to see if their separate studies of the Colorado Plateau’s environment over the last 20,000 years might collectively hold clues to conditions on the plateau in the future. It was felt that the time had come to gather and learn about the work that has been done in several different fields of research interest. There is specific interest in the climate during the last 4,000 years during which there has been a human population here.

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