Flagstaff Historical past: Mill on the town for making pencils mulled – Arizona Each day Solar

125 years ago

1895: The Coconino County Board of Supervisors has approved the plans for a coal house and closet at the county courthouse as prepared by J. C. Grim.

On motion, the clerk is instructed to write to the board of supervisors of Yavapai County requesting that they consent to a joint session of the Boards of Supervisors of Yavapai and Coconino Counties to confer about matters pertaining to the bonds insured for the construction of the Prescott and Arizona Central Railway.

100 years ago

1920: There is a possibility of a mill being located in this section at an early date to saw juniper into pencil lengths. A. L. Holt of San Leandro, California, connected with the Hudson Lumber Company, is here working with the situation.

After conferring with local forest officials and others with Earl Germany of Coconino County to look at the juniper supply, it is believed that the one-seed and alligator junipers are straight-grained enough that they can be used for pencil making.

There will be two places next Tuesday night where citizens can get immediate and accurate election return results. The Masons are giving a big invitation-only dance at their hall that night and will have a Western Union Telegram instrument and operator all night to receive the results.

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