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The Arizona Lumber and Timber Co. will build a dam to control the rainy season flooding that covers the south part of Flagstaff particularly in the Clay Avenue section.

Some of the denizens of the surrounding forest evidently don’t realize that this is a city. The other night when Lewis Kelly went out to the woodshed to find some kindling for the morning fire, he narrowly missed putting his hand on a porcupine who had apparently decided that this was his new home. Then on Monday evening Patrolman Harry Witees discovered another porcupine padding unconcernedly along on Railroad Avenue.

50 years ago

1970: Federal funds may become available to assist in the clean up and repair from the damage in Flagstaff and other northern Arizona areas from the recent great storm. Federal officials will be meeting with Coconino County and Flagstaff personnel to consider what may be accomplished.

Working out details on the purchase of the Labor Union Hall as the new permanent site of the Flagstaff Public Library is the main topic on the city council agenda this week.

Two Flagstaff men were allegedly caught trying to pry their way into the back door of Andy’s Liquor store at 23 N. Beaver St. early Sunday morning. They were arrested on charges of drunk and disorderly, and face possible nighttime burglary charges as well. They were caught by Daniel York of the Merchant Patrol, who cornered the two men then called the Flagstaff police.

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