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125 years ago

1895: A. P. Allen shipped two carloads of cattle to Lakin, Kansas, Saturday.

A. H. McClure went to Williams Monday to put a gravel and asphalt roof on the Grand Canyon Hotel and on the new Boyce Buildings.

Manager Harry Hibben has secured the J. S. Haverly Minstrels for the night of Dec. 18. Billy Rice and Burt Shepard, two popular minstrels, are with the troop.

The Pembroke comedy group of the “Barn Stormers” is said to be stranded in Albuquerque. They give the reason that their advance agent Al Maher left too many expense bills for the company to pay.

T.S. Curren is at Winslow this week putting an asphalt and gravel roof on the round house and the machines shop.

A full line of winter underwear available at Rogers, from 50 cents up.

Just received at the Flagstaff Commercial Company, a carload of Monarch canned goods. Nothing like them in the way of good-to-eat value.

J. F. Hawks, proprietor of the Hawks Hotel, has just finished the remodeling of the popular hostelry. Windows have now been put in all the rooms and solid partitions divide the rooms from each other. The interior of the building has been repapered and painted. The kitchen and restaurant are models of convenience and everything is in excellent shape for the entertaining of the many patrons of the Hawks Hotel.

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