Flagstaff Historical past: USGS concluded that pure curiosity close to Flagstaff attributable to meteor – Arizona Day by day Solar

125 years ago

1895: Harry Hozworh had in his butcher shop on Tuesday the carcass of a monster bear. It weighed, dressed, 636 pounds and the whole body was covered with an inch of fat. The bear was killed by Roupe the hunter, and it required seven hours to kill Old Bruin. Roupe has also killed forty deer and found a good market for the meat here in Flagstaff.

The Arizona Lumber & Timber Company closed down its sawmill on Tuesday and it will probably remain closed until spring. They have a good many feet of lumber on hand and the yard is full of logs, so any demand should be easily filled for some time to come.

Marshal Thos. Smith was so unfortunate as to fall while leaving the city council meeting Tuesday evening. He caught his arm on a broken piece of the railing.

The regular meeting of the Council on Monday evening was, so far as the transaction of any business was concerned, devoid of interest.

W. C. C. Glover who had charge of the St. Elmo Saloon at Winslow skipped out of town sometime in the early morning on Monday after clearing the safe and cash register. When checked it was found that he was over $1,900 short in his accounts.

100 years ago

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1920: Coconino County exhibits won big at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.

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