Flagstaff Hobbies Month-to-month Crawler Hike – Indicators AZ


Once a month we host a Crawler Hike out in the Flagstaff wilderness! Yes, once per month, we take our radio-control crawlers out into the woods for a walk, haha. It’s really been an absolute blast, and it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and the company of other crawling fanatics.

We ask that everyone meet us at the shop (2417 N. Fourth St) at noon, then we pile into the shop van and head to a location for some crawling. We don’t tend to wonder too far from the shop so we minimize commute time, and maximize drive time. The hikes are generally not very difficult, so they’re perfect for kids of all ages!

Even if you don’t have a crawler yet, come join us on our next crawling adventure!

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