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That someone, she decided, would be her.

Six months later, her idea has become a reality. She has introduced Cart Safe, a blue, see-through plastic sheath that covers every square inch of a shopping cart and, after it has served its purpose, can be recycled in the same store bin as where the plastic bags go. The new product, which comes in a package of 10 for $19.99, is available online at https://cartsafe.com. Soon, she hopes, its availability will be expanded to retail outlets.

Already, Barness-Rubin has come to market with Cart Safe in a dizzyingly fast period. With a single-mindedness borne of necessity because of the coronavirus, she and her husband, Scott Rubin, who works in manufacturing, tore through several prototypes before settling on the easiest and most efficient to produce and use, then hired a patent attorney to secure their idea, then started making the liners as swiftly as possible.

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In no time, it seemed, she had 26,000 packages of Cart Safe in a warehouse waiting to serve fellow germaphobes — and, really, anyone who believes that spritzing disinfectant on grocery cart handles isn’t nearly enough for their peace of mind.

Early sales have gone well, she said.

“People are stumbling upon it,” Barness-Rubin said. “We’re doing promotions and advertising. But it’s not like people are Googling us, because people don’t know there’s a shopping cart liner available. It’s, like, a new category.”

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