Flagstaff Metropolis Council plans to distribute COVID grants. County Well being Division Omitted – Arizona Each day Solar.

However, this was not convincing to most of the council members, who felt it was the responsibility of the state to fund the county health department, not the city.

"I believe the cost of cleaning the rooms is related to a public health issue, and I believe that the public health cost should clean those rooms," said Coral Evans, Flagstaff Mayor. "This really is a government problem in my eyes, a public health problem, and that's what dollars are for [with the government]."

Instead, Evans said the city should stand up for the county.

Because of this, Councilor Regina Salas suggested that the $ 200,000 should be split between the shelter and Catholic charities.

Pavlik warned the council that the shelter may have restrictions on using grants to run the county. Flagstaff Shelter Services may not be able to pay for the staffing of these facilities itself as that would mean providing money to replace the county's funds, Pavlik said.

Now that the county may run out of money, Flagstaff Shelter Services will receive $ 350,000 primarily to support their own efforts to get people to hotels through the pandemic and during the coldest months of the year when the shelter gets too full becomes.

It was originally suggested that Catholic charities receive $ 120,000. Of that, $ 80,000 would be used for the Closing the Gap program, which will house the homeless struggling with both substance abuse and substance abuse. Money would also be used for their prison re-entry program, which helps people who leave prison to return home without a home.

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