Flagstaff nurses moved to tears due to group Valentine’s Day present basket undertaking – Arizona Day by day Solar

When nurses and other employees were presented with the gifts, some were in disbelief. Others “shed tears of joy” as they were overcome with gratitude, according to organizers.

Over the course of a typical year, the Girl Scouts troop normally plans a few annual community service projects, such as putting together gift baskets for firefighters on the memorial of 9/11.

This year, when organizing such events became difficult, scout leader Sarah Martinet said, the troop started looking for creative ways to give back — eventually arriving at a project focused on thanking healthcare workers.

“I felt like it was a good opportunity for all of us to re-engage with the community and a re- engage in community service,” Martinet said. “When I talked to the families, I told them it was an opportunity to work together with their Girl Scouts and serve the community after being homebound so long.”

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The scouts’ plan was to give a gift basket to each of the inpatient units at FMC. But, while formulating the plan, they realized they needed to bring on additional support.

As it happens, most of the scouts attend the Puente de  Hózhó Elementary. When word spread to the Parents and Teachers Organization, multiple families were quickly brought on board.

From there, a few teachers at Puente de Hózhó decided to open the project up to their classes. Despite conducting learning entirely online, fifth-grade teacher Jillian Hernandez said that participating classes were able to contribute two full gift baskets to the effort.

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