Flagstaff police and household search solutions to the demise of a Tuba Metropolis man on Butler Avenue – Arizona Each day Solar.

"He was the parent we could go to and who wouldn't deny us anything," said Hernandez. "He always gave us advice on how to make a life … He always instilled in us that we can do anything we want."

Kerley was found on October 20 on the south side of the intersection in the planters near the sidewalk and benches.

Officers who got to the scene first pulled Kerley out of the planters and found him without a pulse. They tried to resuscitate him, but he was later pronounced dead after medics arrived.

At the crime scene, detectives noticed a large pool of blood near Kerley's location and various splatters of blood on the concrete in that area. Detectives noticed that there was dried blood on his lips and nose that also appeared to be swollen, as if he had been hit.

Hernandez said her father recently went through a difficult period and became addicted to alcohol. Her family tried to help him, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for them to take care of him.

She wanted to talk to people who could try to manage her addiction or similar difficulties.

"You are loved. You must be loved," said Hernandez. "You don't have to be out there."

The officers questioned several possible witnesses and are looking for the evidence they have found. The department is awaiting an autopsy by the Coconino County Medical Examiner to determine how Kerley was killed.

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