Flagstaff Police Division publishes info on the usage of pressure – Arizona Each day Solar.

The Flagstaff Police Department released recordings from body cameras, audio of emergency calls and police reports related to an use of violence incident earlier this month. The full report was published on the transparency of the FPD Website.

The incident in question happened when a man was arrested on February 8th. During the arrest, the man fell to the ground and was injured.

The department states that the officer in question has not violated the law or the department's policies

“The Flagstaff Police Department has become aware that the public may have concerns about an incident in which a member of the public was injured while interacting with our police officers. In order to be transparent, we publish the police reports, emergency calls and body camera videos of the encounter, which the public can see on our transparency website, ”the FPD said in a press release.

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