Flagstaff Retailers See Modifications In Board Recreation Throughout Pandemic – Arizona Each day Solar.

During the summer – when restrictions were peaking and the kids were taking their winter break – Bushnell turned to social media to highlight board games. Not only was it a unique way to connect with customers stuck at home, but it also gave the comic book retailer the boost in sales it needed.

"I posted things there so people knew there was more to be done than just playing or watching shows on their iPad," Bushnell said. "I wanted to bring the family dynamics home and not necessarily focus on the college kids that I had focused on for so long."

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Cab Comics saw more families in the summer than a typical year, which gave the retailer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revive its kids' section, whether comics or tabletop games.

While many board game retailers across the country saw sales grow, it was more of a give and take for Flagstaff sellers, as both Bushnell and Micheil Salmon, managers at Flagstaff Bookmans, found. With Bookmans and Cab Comics no longer able to schedule face-to-face meetings for the dedicated tabletop gamers, the average customer looks a little different.

Popular RPG games that require regular meetups, like Dungeons and Dragons, are put on hold for many players, at least when it comes to meeting in person. Salmon, who has many friends in the RPG community, said he empathizes with the hobbyists who can gather longer. They miss an important piece in their social life, he said.

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