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After 10 years, Flagstaff Sports Exchange will go out of business and sell what is still in stock at largely discounted prices.

Ben Shanahan, Arizona Daily sun

Fill a niche

Peterson was a former clinical social worker and opened the store in 2009 to interact with her community in other ways.

She had a listing of all the things her business should be: recession-friendly, family-oriented, green, and one that would fill an open niche. When a friend mentioned the exorbitant amount of money she had to spend on sports equipment for her children, Peterson realized that a gear change business was the answer.

Now that the store is closing, the Snow Mountain River (SMR), which opened on Milton Road nearly a year ago, is the closest store to its role. But the fit isn't exactly.

Mick Ohly, owner of SMR, said its population varies due to the proximity of the business to the Northern Arizona University campus.

The mission is also different. Instead of just selling recycled equipment, SMR also sells new items and pays cash for used goods, not credits.

Although similar, the two shopkeepers never viewed each other as competitors.

"I feel bad about them closing their doors. I used to own a business downtown, I know how hard it can be," Ohly said.

"My only real marketing message was to look here first because this is an organic inventory. We may or may not have it and we will send it to someone who does. We don't compete with Peace Surplus or SMR, we want to just that people can get their hands on whatever they're looking for, ”said Peterson.

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