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Northern Arizona’s world-class dark skies are on display as two uniquely Flagstaff events combine their star power in a FREE public celebration featuring art, science and cultural activities for all ages. The 2020 Celebration of the Night runs through September and October and the Flagstaff Star Party is scheduled for Sept. 17-19.

Considering COVID-19 social distancing and public health guidelines, Flagstaff again proves nobody owns dark skies like Flagstaff with an awe-inspiring line-up of activities, including:


Live/remote Telescope Viewing: hosted by retired NAU astronomy professor David Koerner and local author and artist SD Nelson from Lowell Observatory.

“Night Music” concert under the stars by the Dark Skies String Quartet.

Interpreted Night Walks at Buffalo Park.

Writers of the Night Skies literary event.

“Night Skies through Artists’ Eyes” exhibits in downtown galleries and businesses including Arizona Handmade, The Artists Gallery and Bright Side Bookshop.


In addition, pre-recorded presentations include:


Sunset Shadows and Circles with Lowell Observatory astronomer Brian Skiff.

Native Skies with Modern Eyes with retired NAU astronomy professor David Koerner.

Images in the Sky: Navajo Constellations and their Meaning with retired Coconino Community College archeoastronomy instructor Bryan Bates.


A special Night Sky Photography Workshop, instructed by New York photographer Stan Honda,  is also being offered for a nominal fee.

“We always want to point out, there’s much more to dark skies than scientific exploration for the observatories,” said Jeff Hall, director at Lowell Observatory, a partner in the Flagstaff Star Party. “Keeping Flagstaff in the dark is good for wildlife, human health, the economy and public enjoyment. A sky full of stars connects us to the Universe.”

Making the 2020 Celebration of the Night and the Flagstaff Star Party possible are the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition, the Coconino Astronomical Society, Lowell Observatory, the City of Flagstaff BBB Revenues, Flagstaff Arts Council, Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University, KNAU National Public Radio, Twin Arrows Resort and Casino, Coconino County, APS, Arizona Snowbowl, Babbitt Brothers Foundation, Great Circle Media and Flagstaff Business News.

For details of the full program, along with free live/remote events and pre-recorded presentations, visit FBN

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