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The question of whether to widen US Highway 180 north of Flagstaff was posed to the city council on Tuesday evening. It was decided not to act until more data is available.

At the request of the Director of the Chamber of Commerce, the council decided to postpone any plan to give local bidders with local contracts a 5% break.

25 years ago

1995: For the first time in 14 years, flagstaff public school enrollment declined, resulting in a potential loss of government funding of approximately $ 350,000. This year's 40-day count on October 11 at the 17 Flagstaff Unified Schools was 12,357. This is 1,140 fewer than at the same time last year.

This reflects a trend for elementary school students to attend private and charter schools, according to the FUSD superintendent.

Maybe mixed-use for a downtown unpaved parking lot isn't a bad idea.

Opponents of the "parking lot" are now trumpeting the development of a mixed-use space for the 28,000 square meter property.

Last year our women's shelter had 347 women and children.

All events were extracted from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.

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